vibro-acoustics : why is it called wave6?

"wave6" is used to model "wave" propagation in structures, fluids, foams and fibers across the "audible" frequency range (the human ear has a dynamic range of 120dB or 1e6).

electromagnetics : why is it called wave6?

The ratio of the speed of light to the speed of sound in air is also ~1e6. The wavelengths of acoustic waves across the audible frequency range (ie.,~ 0.1 kHz to 10 kHz) are the same as the wavelengths of electromagnetic waves around the GHz frequency range (ie., 0.1 GHz to 10 GHz). Statistical methods that were originally developed for modeling large reverberant vibro-acoustic systems can be extended to address the analysis of electrically large EMC/EMI problems. This realization led to the patented statistical methods that are implemented in wave6 for accurately modeling "wave" propagation at wavespeeds that differ by "1e6".



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